Countdown to Moving Day

You’re moving! How exciting! Now what do you do? Follow Ace’s moving check list to have an easy, stress free moving process.

Countdown to Moving Day

8 Weeks Before

  • Decide if you should move yourself or hire a moving company. If you’ll be moving yourself, figure out what size truck you’ll need and reserve one with a rental company. If you’re hiring movers, research companies to get their availability and estimates for the job. Then, book your mover.
  • Sort and organize your belongings. Hold a yard sale or donate the items you’re not bringing with you.
  • Take photos to create an inventory of the belongings you’ll be moving.
  • If you have children, have their records transferred to the school they’ll be attending.

4 Weeks Before

  • If you’re a renter, make sure you’ve given your landlord sufficient notice to satisfy your rental agreement.
  • Call your doctors and dentists and request copies of your medical and dental records.
  • Contact your insurance companies (medical, vehicle, homeowners/renters). Notify each of your address change and update your policies, if needed.
  • Back up your computer so you don’t lose any personal documents. Print out any documents you might need during your move.
  • Arrange to have your auto registration transferred.
  • Complete a change of address with your credit card company and/or Social Security Services.

2 Weeks Before

  • Complete a Change of Address form on the USPS website.
  • Dispose of flammables, corrosives and poisons.
  • Confirm travel arrangements for your family and any pets.
  • Notify your phone, cable and utility companies that you’ll be moving and set a services shutoff date for 1-2 days after your move.

1 Week Before

  • Confirm your pickup day/time with the movers or truck rental company.
  • Send out your moving announcement to friends, family and any business contacts.

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Published: 3/5/2020