Smoked Cocktail On A Traeger: Smoked Bloody Mary

It’s time to fire up the Traeger and let that wood fried fun infuse your Bloody Mary.  We take this classic to the next level and finish it off properly with some candied bacon and smoked olives.

Traeger Smoked Bloody Mary

Enjoy yet another way your Traeger can change up your everyday meals and cocktails!

2021 Ace Recipe – Traeger – Smoked Bloody Mary


Yield: Makes 1 Cocktail
Prep time: 30 Minutes (Bacon Candy and Smoked Olives)


Measure   Ingredient                                                                       Prep Notes      
1 tbsp           Traeger Cocktail Salt                                                 Ace SKU 8924409
2 fl oz           Vodka, Choice                                                                              
¾ cup           Traeger Smoked Bloody Mary mix                     Ace SKU 8924425
2 dash          Worcestershire Sauce
Taste            Bayou Dust, 5280 Culinary                                      Ace SKU 8561961
1 rib              Celery, Center Rib, With Leaves                             
2 slice           Bacon, Candied or Maple Glazed                          Traeger Smoked   
3 ea              Green Olives, Large, Smoked or Dried                Traeger Smoked


Preparation Directions:

Using Traeger Cocktail Salt, salt the rim of a 12 oz Mason Jar
Fill Mason Jar with Ice
Using a cocktail shaker, Filled with Ice add the following:
2 Fl Oz Vodka (your choice)
¾ Cup Traeger Smoked Bloody Mary Mix
2 dash Worcestershire Sauce
Put top on shaker and secure
Shake actively for 10-15 seconds
Pour over ice in mason jar
Garnish with
Bayou Dust
Candied Bacon
Green Olives



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Published: 1/21/2021

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